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About Sweet Popp Shopp

I've always wanted to have a bakery of my own because some of the most joyful times in my home are when we are baking together with the family. So, after years of dreaming, I decided that I no longer want to sit at a desk all day and work for Corporate America, that it's time to make my dreams come true. My kids and I came up with the idea for Sweet Popp Shopp and together with my Sweet Family we created the concept. I've always been driven and am a very ambitious person and I knew this would be a huge risk quitting my job and starting a business of my own, but I also knew it would be rewarding and that I'd be setting a great example for my kids!

Being a mom to six wonderful kids I want to show them that you can achieve your dreams, and not let anything get in the way of accomplishing your goals! I hope that you enjoy our shop as much as we do! And I hope my story inspires you to also go for your dreams because as I tell my kids, with hard work, dedication, passion, and imagination anything is possible. Just like the Sweet Popp Shopp.

Local Business

As you support our local business, it ensures our community will grow in a positive way and bring families together.

Family Owned

There's nothing as special as a family-owned shop, especially in a big city like Las Vegas.

Mom Owned

As a mother of 6 beautiful children I want them to see that even moms can be entrepreneurs.

Contact Us

Ready to place an order or have questions about all of the yummy options we back up at Sweet Popp Shopp? Fill out this simple form and we will get back to you soon. Can't wait for a response? Give us a call during business hours and we'll help you right away.