10 Fun, Kid-Friendly Games to Play with Popcorn from Sweet Popp Shopp

Lately, the kids in the Sweet Popp Shopp have been spending a lot of their time around our gourmet popcorn, so we thought it would be fun to share our 10 Favorite Popcorn Games. Potential side effects include crumbs on the carpet and buttery smiles.

1. Proper Popcorn Posture: Test your most elegant walks by filling a cup with popcorn, placing it on your head, and seeing who can walk the farthest without spilling. I recommend trying this with the Turquoise Blue Raspberry flavor, as the pretty color brings to mind elegant jewelry to go with your fancy walk.

2. Guess the Flavor: Place cups full of our different flavors in a row. Blindfold the players and have them try and guess which is which. We have so many flavors, this will be a challenge for even the most practiced taste buds. For added difficulty, put all the flavors into one mixed cup!

3. Guess the Number: A classic at fairs and fundraisers. Fill any see-through container with popcorn and note down how many pieces are in the container. Then have everyone guess how many pieces are in the jar. Whoever wins gets to keep the popcorn, but you can encourage them to share. Where's the fun in popcorn without spreading the joy? This can be fun for any number of holiday events, if you get one of our seasonal flavors, like Candy Cane.

4. Pop sticks: Give each player a pair of chopsticks, a bag of popcorn, and an empty box. They have one minute to transfer as many popcorn pieces as possible to their empty box using only chopsticks. For added difficulty and hilarity, pick a particularly sticky-sweet flavor, like Toffee.

eating gourmet popcorn

5. Straw Race: Each player gets one piece of popcorn and a straw. They must move a piece of popcorn across a flat surface using only the straw. First across the finish line wins. Want to keep the fun rolling? Let the winner pick the next game. Try to use different flavors for each racer so no one gets confused if the paths cross!

6. Toss Up: A game of coordination. Give each player one minute to toss popcorn into the air and catch it in their mouth. Whoever catches the most pieces wins. This can be really fun if the players try one at a time, so everyone can keep count and cheer. You could even have teams: Team Bacon & Cheddar versus Team Jalapeno Kettle.

7. Partner Toss: A variation on tossing popcorn to yourself, in this version everyone pairs up. Have the pairs start by standing a certain distance apart and tossing popcorn into each other's mouths. Take one step back with each successful catch. There are two variations: Sudden Elimination, where any dropped popcorn knocks you out of the running, and Timed Trial, where you try to get as many successful tosses and as far a distance as possible before time runs out.

8. Avalanche: This one is guaranteed to get messy, but also, it's tons of fun. Give each player a cup or a bowl. Throw a big amount of popcorn into the air for everyone to try and catch. Whoever catches the most wins (and doesn't have to clean up). You can up the challenge by making different colors of popcorn worth different points. For instance, have most of the popcorn be Chocolate Banana, but throw in a few Dill Pickle pieces for double points.

9. Pop-shotput: This one seems simple on paper but is actually very difficult in practice. Simply take popcorn and toss it as far as you can. Whoever throws it the farthest wins. I suggest using one of our more brightly colored flavors, like Orange Cream, as they are easiest to find.

10. Popcards: This opens the door to a ton of games and would be good for a kids' Vegas-themed party. You can play any card game like normal but use popcorn kernels to bet. It teaches a valuable lesson: If you eat all your pieces now, you can't play later! You can also sneakily teach some addition and division by making certain flavors worth certain amounts of other flavors. For instance, one Key Lime can be worth 5 Sour Cream & Chives, which are each worth 10 Peanut Butter Cup pieces. You can set this up however you'd like, but calculating the different values will help your kids learn math without even knowing they're doing math.

Any of these games would be fun for a party, picnic, or movie night. Just have the vacuum handy afterward! Not sure which flavor to pick? Head into the Sweet Popp Shopp today and try them all.