The Right Treat for the Night: Sweet Popp Shopp Desserts for Fun in Vegas

Las Vegas has no shortage of wild, fun things to do with the family, and Sweet Popp Shopp has the right treats to make any part of your Vegas adventure even sweeter. Read on for suggestions of Sweet Popp Shopp delicacies to match with classic Las Vegas activities.

1. High Roller: The Las Vegas Observation Wheel measures 520 feet in diameter, bigger than both the London Eye and the Singapore Flyer. It takes a full thirty minutes to complete one rotation in a glass-enclosed cabins offering a 360-degree view of the Strip. This is the best instagram photo op on the Strip, and for that, you need the dessert taking instagram by storm: Puff Waffles. Take a bite out of your puff waffle as you take a breathtaking selfie and enjoy both the likes and the deliciousness of the puff waffle cone.

2. Magic Show: Vegas has numerous mystifying magic shows going up all around the city, and you'll want an equally magic-tasting treat to enjoy. Take a bite of the Sweet Popp Shopp's Caramel Popcorn Cupcake. The sparkling gourmet popcorn twinkles on top of the treat like stage lights, and the deliciousness of the sweet and salty tastes is no illusion, just pure cupcake magic!


3. Fall of Atlantis at Caesar's Palace: A quick jaunt through the Forum shops at Caesar's Palace will bring you to an explosive animatronic story. It tells the story of the destruction of Atlantis, and while you watch this legendary city fall beneath the waves, you can chomp on satisfying Dark Chocolate Caramel Seasalt Fudge. As the water and fire effects battle it out, you'll be able to taste the ocean as it swirls over Atlantis, with Sweet Popp Shopp Seasalt Fudge.

4. Shark-watching at Mandalay Bay: Walking through the glass-enclosed aisles of the aquarium at Mandalay Bay is an awe-inspiring experience, especially when you see the high concentration of sharks, more than you'd ever find in the wild. Appreciate the beauty of nature's perfect killing machines and appreciate that you're on the other side of the glass with a Tsunami Splash soda drink from Sweet Popp Shopp. With this delectable aquatic thirst-quencher, you can taste the powerful flavors of the ocean and wave to sharks, giant rays, endangered sea turtles, piranhas, and even a rare golden crocodile.

5. Ride the New York, New York Rollercoaster: This high-flying adrenaline rush blasts you through the hotel and over the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building, and afterward you'll want a little taste of New York to settle your stomach. Sweet Popp Shopp's Dill Pickle-flavored gourmet popcorn will make you think of New York hot dogs and deli sandwiches as you try to regain your equilibrium after blasting through a 244-foot drop at 67 mph. After the Dill Pickle popcorn snack, you'll be ready to rocket through the rest of your Vegas adventures.

Whatever the high-flying activity or glamorous event you enjoy in Las Vegas, the treats at Sweet Popp Shopp will make it even sweeter. Stop by for the perfect ending to your night or a delicious start to your day.